The Sliding Scale

Pay It Forward Days

We offer our full service menu on a sliding scale on Wednesdays and Sundays for community members who find they are struggling to find a budget for self care. The people paying at the top end of the scale make it possible for many of the people receiving to be able to afford the bottom end of the scale. Thank you to our community for supporting us on this endeavor! You are the ones who make it possible for us.

How Does a Sliding Scale Work?

Sliding scales work by allowing you, the consumer, to pay what you feel you can afford on the day of your service.  We offer a loose guideline on our pricing structure.

Why does Attuned.Life Offer a Sliding Scale?

Have you ever really wanted a massage but thought you couldn’t afford it?  Attuned.Life is committed to offering affordable self care options to the community.  Massage receivers usually see better results when it’s received on a regular basis.  We facilitate affordable massage so those in need of routine massage can receive it.  We want everyone to have the option to take time they deserve, when they need it, regardless of their income.

So, What Should I Pay?

The reality is, as healers we are exchanging energy in order to help you feel good.  So we want you to pay what you think we deserve.  Industry wide, the average on the services we offer is anywhere from $1-2 per minute.  (i.e. if you are getting a 60 minute massage you would be charged anywhere from $60-120, at most places.)

But I can’t afford that!

The industry standard doesn’t fit everyone’s paradigm, we get that, and we’ve decided you shouldn’t have to pay that.  However we would like you to keep that in mind when deciding what you can afford.

The Sliding Scale Equation Summary

In summary, we want you to know, you can afford it!

What You Can Afford + What You Think We Deserve = What you should pay today

The Sliding Scale Price Structures

30 Minute Massage or Energy Work Session – $25-60
60 Minute Massage or Energy Work Session – $45-120
90 Minute Massage or Energy Work Session – $75-180

Pay it Forward!

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